Intentional Design with the User in Mind

While driven by a passion for continual improvement, success is measured by the user experience and market response.

Who is Vates

Vates is a product/machine design company established to serve product developers, manufacturers, and inventors. With a background in custom machine design and a vision for product development, concepts are effectively converted into realistic solutions. Vates offers the agility of a small business while leveraging the tools and structure acquired by corporate experience.

Services Provided

  • Understand/Define goals and scope of work.
  • Facilitate the Decision Making Process by identifying constraints, risk, time, and cost.
  • Create Project Plan - Starting with the objective followed by the required steps.
  • Transform concepts into solid models for discussion and approval.
  • Designed for Manufacturing - Intrinsic to the development process, challenges are resolved with a practical understanding of manufacturing capabilities and constraints.
  • Part Drawings and Details.
  • Parts and Assembly quotes for fabrication.
  • Rapid Prototyping.
  • Project Management and Resource Coordination.

Seethers Sheppard Brew Kettle

Seethers Sheppard

Seethers Sheppard is a digitally controlled electric kettle developed to improve your home brewing experience by simplifying the process.


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